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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Steward and Advocate

It’s been an honor to serve on the Town Council representing the 1st District. I hope to earn your readers’ support for another term.

The past two years have not been typical for our community or my family. I got pregnant less than six months into the COVID-19 pandemic. My husband, James Albis, and I were thrilled. We’d decided to continue trying despite the pandemic because, as James put it, “We need more joy in the world.”

After the state shut down in March 2020, the East Haven Town Council began holding its meetings, budget workshops, and public hearings over Zoom. The technology allowed me to be present for town meetings, which was particularly helpful during my first two trimesters, when I struggled with morning sickness.

We entered 2021 with high COVID transmission and hospitalization rates. Zoom meetings continued. At eight months pregnant, I attended the town’s budget workshops, and voted in favor of adopting Mayor Joseph Carfora’s FY 2021-’22 town budget, which earned bipartisan support and preserved vital services for our residents without raising taxes.

Just three weeks after giving birth to my son, Avi, the Town Council held a special meeting, which I was present for. Throughout my entire pregnancy, and to date, I have not missed a single town council meeting or public hearing.

I commit to continue being a good steward of our town’s budget and I commit to being an advocate for our working families. It’s incumbent on us to make local government as accessible as possible, so that someone caring for an ill child or parent, works odd hours, or is simply busy with the daily rigors of raising a family can be engaged—and even run for office themselves. I hope to earn your readers’ votes this November.

Kimberly Glassman

East Haven

Democrat Kimberly Glassman is seekling re-election to the Town Council serving District 1.