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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Smart, Efficient, and Ready

I am a local attorney who has the opportunity to visit various town clerk’s offices across the state on numerous occasions, but none more than East Haven’s Town Clerk’s Office. Since Stacy Gravino took office in 2010, she has made it her mission to overhaul that office.

Within six months of her becoming town clerk, she implemented a new copy/print system to make it easier for those to copy land records. She added extra search terminals to make searching quicker. She is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the efficiency of the office while making sure all the necessary information is right at our fingertips be it in office or online.

Stacy has made sure a 40-year search can be accomplished online with the index and scanned images mirroring each other, along with all recorded maps. She has organized the vault through installation of new sliding cabinets, a new work counter, and map cabinets.

Now, with the addition of sewer and town tax liens, she has made the office a shining star. Stacy is exactly the type of person you want as town clerk. She is smart, efficient, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

William Cote

East Haven