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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Respectful and Relevant

I am a member of the Clinton Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) and have worked with Will Benoit for several years in his current capacity as an alternate member of the PZC. Will is now seeking election as a full member of the PZC.

Will makes meaningful and insightful contributions to the PZC’s deliberations, resulting in collective zoning decisions that improve both the character and the environmental quality of the town. I have also found his questions raised at public hearings to be respectful to the applicants and relevant to the issues presented by their projects.

As a lifelong resident of Connecticut’s shoreline, Will is sensitive to the local concerns presented by coastal development and, based on his years of service on the PZC as an alternate member, is also very familiar with the complex set of regulations, policies, and technical issues guiding coastal development in the town. If elected as a full member of the PZC, he will be able to hit the ground running in fulfilling his responsibilities to the town’s residents.

It would be a pleasure to continue to work with Will on the PZC should he be elected, and I strongly support his candidacy without reservation.

Martin Jaffe


Democrat Martin Jaffe serves on the Planning & Zoning Commission.