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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Proven Financial Skills

I am a 24-year resident of Westbrook and am running for the Board of Finance. My skill set for the last two decades is business management, information technology, and project management. I’m highly qualified to analyze business data, evaluate all of the options of a situation, and implement the best solution to a challenging problem and create and seize opportunities for improvement.

I will work with both sides of the board and all Westbrook residents to understand the needs of our community. I’ll ensure our fiscal direction evolves and our budgets are allocated appropriately to make certain our small town is safe and secure and thrives. Your readers’ votes are important. I encourage your readers to vote for Greg on Nov. 2 for proven financial skills to build a better Westbrook.

Greg Farnoli


Independent Greg Farnoli is seeking a seat on the Board of Finance on the Democratic ticket.