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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Leadership with a Quiet Demeanor

I am writing in support of my husband John L. Hall III as Westbrook’s next first selectman. John has spent 12 years as second selectman and has participated in the budget process, directly reviewing budget requests and having valuable input at all levels of the process. He has provided leadership and had a strong role in the fiscal management of our beautiful town.

John is a man of his word and has spent 40 years as a public servant in town building consensus with his colleagues and residents. He has the respect and support of people regardless of party affiliation. He has always lived by the motto that we hang our “party affiliation hats” at the door and do the work of, and for, the people.

John’s continuity of experience in town and knowledge in his 30 years as a small business owner, make him know what it is like to sign the front of a paycheck; anyone can sign the back! John is a lifelong resident of Westbrook who has put his roots deeply in the Community. His family settled here in 1635 and have farmed the same land with the same heritage breed of cattle since. He was chairman for seven years of Westbrook Foundation and county president of Middlesex County Farm Bureau as well as serving on its state board of directors. John is also president nationwide (including Canada) of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association.

He has provided leadership with a quiet demeanor and has kept taxes low and all services intact and many have expressed their appreciation. John is the only qualified candidate for first selectman and I hope your readers will join me in supporting John and Joe and the Hall/Campbell Team.

Bonnie Hall