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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Knowledge, Passion, and Determination

I am writing in support of Michael Jordan, running as an alternate for Chester’s Board of Finance (BOF). Michael has been a welcome addition to the BOF since his appointment in June of this year. He brings extensive and varied financial and technological experience to this position.

Michael has worked as a software engineer focused on process automation and optimization, finding operational and financial efficiencies for banks, hedge funds, and broker dealers on Wall Street. This experience led Michael to his current role as the COO of 1/ST Technology where he oversees the financial and technological operations of five different businesses with a total nine-figure operating budget.

In all of my conversations with Michael, I consistently observe that he is tangibly passionate and dedicated to our town’s sense of community, its current and future fiscal health, and to helping position Chester for future generations. He has lived in Chester for two-plus years. He grew up locally in Haddam, where his father had served as a selectman years ago. As Michael watched his father in this role, he was motivated to want to serve others. Volunteering for local government has been a long time goal for him. Now that he and his wife are permanently settled in Chester, and after welcoming their new baby daughter this summer, he is thrilled to be part of our community and work for its common good.

Michael understands the issues and challenges Chester faces. He is an important voice on the BOF, adding to the perfect mix of established and new BOF members.

I encourage your readers to vote on Nov. 2 for Michael Jordan for the Board of Finance alternate position. He has the necessary experience, knowledge, passion, and determination on this critical board that impacts us all.

Cindy Lignar


Cindy Lignar is interim chair of the Democratic Town Committee.