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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Gem of the Shoreline

There are only a handful of towns on the Connecticut shoreline that have rivers running right through their downtown. We have the most beautiful unobstructed view of all. I believe that the best use of that view, from the Town Hall Annex building, is a restaurant, which would provide the catalyst for revitalization of the downtown. It also has a green space adjacent and a walking trail behind Town Hall.

Ideally, town facilities should serve multiple purposes and eliminate any duplication of building uses. Consider relocation of the Social Services Offices and the Meals on Wheels presently in the Annex to the Pierson School. These services can be accommodated into a new community center for all ages including seniors in the Pierson School. It has a cafeteria, gym ,and a children’s media center. Add the adult library, all under the umbrella of Human Services.

I maintain that when we lost the library to our downtown, we lost the center of our community culture. We have lived here since 1987 and raised our three sons. Many improvements have been made through the work of our great employees and volunteers. It is imperative we implement a master plan at this juncture utilizing the many studies conducted and paid for.

We can be the gem of the shoreline and our residents can utilize our facilities to the fullest extent, all centrally located and pedestrian friendly. This requires collaboration of Town Council, Economic Development Commission, Park & Recreation Commission, and Planning & Zoning Commission. A major reason we changed our form of government was to focus on positive, major actions like these.

This is a historic opportunity. Just imagine being able to run into your neighbor or friend on the sidewalk again! I encourage your readers to make their voices heard and to email

Lois Kinney