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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Facts, Not Hearsay

The Harbor News on Sept. 23 published letters endorsing Ed Tessman for police commissioner. Tessman’s letter, “Service, Transparency, and Accountability,” stated that we have a great police department. Yes, I agree we have a great department. He also asked, “when was the last time you read about an officer grievance or lawsuit against the department?” Tessman failed to mention a lawsuit filed earlier this year with the town, Police Department, chief, and commissioners named among the defendants.

The second letter, “A Profound Impact,” was written by Tessman’s aunt, Jane Scully Welch. I am also seeking re-election to the Police Board and have direct knowledge of an incident to which she may be referring in her letter. A citizen was concerned about speeding on a Clinton road. As a commissioner not familiar with this location, I decided to observe this location. I did not speak to anyone, observed, and left. Where is the liability to the town? An investigation requires interviewing the complainant, which I did not do. How is this an investigation?

When I was sworn in as a commissioner, the chairman asked me three times if I had received my commissioner’s badge. I said “No.” Tessman already had his badge. Why would Tessman ask for another badge?

An effective police commissioner does not need his or her name in the minutes for making a motion. I ask questions about a decision that will affect the department and taxpayers before I place my vote. Facts, not hearsay, please! I am proud of my 34 years of service to the Waterbury Police Department, but do not want to be a police detective again. I served my town honorably and if reelected will continue to do so for Clinton.

Dom Morelli


Republican Dom Morelli is seeking re-election to the Board of Police Commissioners.