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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Commitment to Public Education

I am confident that as one of Chester’s representatives on the Regional District 4 Board of Education, Lawrence (Lol) Fearon will not only work to continue the tradition of academic excellence that we have come to expect from all of the schools in Chester, Deep River, and Essex, but will also strive to find innovative and fiscally responsible solutions to the many challenges posed by financial constraints and state mandates. I know that he is also committed to protecting the health and safety of students and school staff during the current public health crisis.

Lol has devoted more than 45 years to public education as a teacher, school principal, and district leader and as an administrator with the State Department of Education. He is uniquely qualified to partner with fellow members of the board as well as district and school administration in the mission of focusing on critical and creative thinking, refinement of assessment practices, and supporting teachers as they implement best practices with emphasis on higher-order thinking skills and digital literacy. He will work to see that Region 4 continues to offer support and opportunity for every student as each prepares for college and/or career.

I have known Lol for almost 40 years and have seen his commitment to public education and the students served. I hope to convey my enthusiastic support for his candidacy. I encourage your readers to join me in that support. Lol will work to ensure that Chester and Region 4 remain places that support children and families during these challenging times.

David Fitzgibbons


Democrat David Fitzgibbons chairs the Chester Board of Education.