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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

An Opportunity and a Need

When I was 15—and just learning to appreciate my parents’ active role in my life—I asked my mom a question. She had started a Girl Scout troop for me and my classmates in 2000, when we were in 1st grade. Nine years later, it was still going strong. “Why you?” I asked, “Why did you start the troop?” By that point, I knew that running a troop was a lot of work—work that was often thankless, work that many folks wouldn’t take on. My mom’s answer was simple: There was an opportunity and a need, so why not help fill it?

If you know my mom Mary Ella Luft, you probably know this is her unspoken approach to life. You know because you’ve seen her in action as a Girl Scout troop leader, a Westbrook High School PTSO president, a Project Graduation chairperson, a registered nurse, a field trip volunteer—you name it, including serving as a Board of Education member for the last six years. Now, she’s running for re-election.

When I’m home visiting, I’ve watched her pore over reading materials, prep for committee meetings, and bring her experience to the table—all because she cares deeply about the community she calls home. I’m biased, no doubt. But I’m also honest. Come Nov. 2, your readers will cast their votes for the Westbrook Board of Education. A vote for Mary Ella Luft is a vote for Westbrook Public Schools where every child and educator can thrive.

Sarah Luft