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10/13/2021 08:00 AM

Active and Passionate

Clinton’s Town Council needs bright, dedicated individuals of high integrity who are active community members, are leaders who listen, identify priorities, and collaborate to get things done. Christopher Passante is one such qualified individual.

I have lived in Clinton for 17 years and got to know Chris early on through sports (like many other parents). He is a phenomenal coach, committed to each kid and placing emphasis on teamwork and effort.

Chris is a dedicated family man, actively involved in each of his seven kids’ lives, and a dedicated community member. When he decides to do something, he gives tirelessly and selflessly. He has given countless hours as a member of the Park & Recreation Commission and soccer, baseball, and basketball coach. He is dedicated to education, serving on the Board of Education, which is extremely important to me as an active PTA board member. He cares about an inclusive community and worked to establish the new Clinton Human Rights Initiative. He had to listen, prioritize, and collaborate to accomplish all that he has done. He will do the same to move Clinton forward.

While there have been legal delays, the Town Council could have been prioritizing Pierson plans based on the charette (focus groups). Why wasn’t the engineering study done earlier? Chris would advocate for this type of direction. I trust Chris will act on ideas several active citizens proposed to improve town communication that align with town objectives approved a year ago. Communication and transparency need to be addressed.

Town Council candidates Carrie Allen and Paul Gebauer are two additional active and passionate members serving our community. I believe this new team will boost the Town Council to make Clinton thrive. I encourage Clinton residents to join me in voting for these candidates on Nov. 2.

Laura Colebank