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10/06/2021 08:00 AM

Smart, Kind, Thoughtful

I would like to share just a few reasons I am voting for Lisa Balter for town clerk. I have had the opportunity and good fortune to work with Lisa on several committees and on each occasion, I could always count on her to be the first to step up and implement the plans to get our goals accomplished. With Lisa’s background as an innovative manager who actively seeks out new and better ways of doing things, including technology, I know she will push for processes and move our Town Clerk’s Office into the future rather than waiting for people to come to her with ideas.

Always there to help, always the first one to raise her hand, she has been an asset on the Democratic Town Committee in her officers’ role. As a member of our subcommittees, she continues to better our party. I have witnessed her help people do more and be better than even they realized they could. I encourage your readers to join me in voting for this smart, kind, thoughtful candidate Lisa Balter this November.

George Smith

East Haven

George Smith is vice-chair of the Democratic Town Committee.