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10/06/2021 08:00 AM

Great Things Happening

I had a great conversation with Carl Kordek the other day. He is running for first selectman this fall. I was impressed with his thought process and his commitment to North Haven. It dawned on me that he, Mike Freda, and Bill Pieper would work exceedingly well together. Though Carl is young, he has talent and commitment. Under the guidance of proven, tested leaders like Mike and Bill, I can see great things happening for North Haven.

I think he would work in conjunction with Mike and Bill and not act strictly as someone looking to impede progress. As we all know, teamwork is critical for success. Imagine what we could do together, with Carl as the young protege of successful leaders (mentors) like Mike and Bill. Imagine we could have a board that works together for the good of the entire town.

Let’s bring on another team player to the Board of Selectmen. I encourage your readers to vote for Carl this November.

Peter J. Criscuolo, Jr.

North Haven