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09/29/2021 08:00 AM

Help Move Clinton Forward

In November 2019, I was appointed to be an alternate member of the Clinton Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and then was appointed to be a full member in July 2020. I am running in the November 2021 municipal election to retain my seat on the ZBA.

Before moving to Clinton, I worked as a civil litigation attorney in Illinois for 30 years. That experience has served me well as an active member of the ZBA. I have voted to approve applications where the applicant has established a hardship, but have also objected to some applications, often based on my concern that the requested variance was not consistent with the goals and policies of the town or the Coastal Management Act. Some recommendations that I have made during deliberations improved projects that were proposed in environmentally sensitive ares, and I was glad those applicants addressed the board’s concerns and were given their variances.

I want to continue my effort to help move Clinton forward in a way that respects home- and business owners’ requests and at the same time complies with the town’s regulations. If elected to the ZBA, I will continue to raise important issues and fairly evaluate each application that comes before the board. I hope your readers will support me and all the other Democratic candidates on Row A of the ballot.

Laurie Jaffe


Democrat Laurie Jaffe is an appointed member of the Zoning Board of Appeals seeking election to that seat in November.