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09/29/2021 08:00 AM

Above and Beyond

I am not normally the type of person who writes a letter to the paper. In this instance I feel so strongly about how East Haven Town Clerk Stacy Gravino does her job that I wanted to publicly share my support for her.

Stacy is someone who has always gone above and beyond her call of duties to make my job easier. In the job I do, I rely on Stacy and her team in an official capacity quite often. There are times we are in the clerk’s office multiple times a week. Part of my work is helping emotional families. The legal documents we need to obtain are an important part of helping a family move forward. Stacy is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and has a vital understanding of the needs of the families I support. So much so that Stacy took great care in the continuation of service while facing the difficulties of COVID.

Through the years I have dealt with Stacy, she and her office have been professional and efficient; her office runs like clockwork. While COVID changed how the day-to-day business was run, the East Haven Town Clerk’s Office remained seamless. Stacy made sure we had access to her and she quickly put processes in place so the important part of my job could still be done. I thank Stacy—East Haven has a gem! iert keep her in November.

Lisa DeCicco

East Haven