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09/15/2021 08:00 AM

Diligence and Dedication

COVID-19 has created difficult times for everyone and it has changed our lives in so many ways. The healthcare workers and first responders have had it the worst, risking their lives to keep us all safe. While I am not in the same category with healthcare workers and first responders, I have had to continue working as a delivery person for a major package carrier during the pandemic. My route includes the East Haven Town Hall, when so many businesses were closed, making it difficult to make my deliveries.

Town Clerk Stacy Gravino made sure I could deliver to Town Hall. Even though Town Hall was closed to the public, Stacy provided me the number of the Town Clerk’s Office so as I could call her to let her know I was at the front door with deliveries. There was never a time during the shutdown of Town Hall at which I did not have access to make my deliveries; this was all due to the diligence and dedication of Stacy Gravino, town clerk. It not only helped me do my job, but allowed the town to continue to function. I thank Stacy—her effort did not go unnoticed.

Guido Consiglio

East Haven