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09/01/2021 08:00 AM

Get Things Done

I am Jamie Mowat Young, and I am excited to run with Lou Annino, Jr., on the Democratic ticket to serve on Killingworth’s Board of Selectmen.

My husband Brian and I made Killingworth our home 23 years ago. We’ve enjoyed raising our three boys here because the town is both rural and well maintained, with a terrific corps of engaged residents and an outstanding school system.

Many dedicated volunteers sustain our town. Our first responders, Parmelee Farm Committee, coaches, gardeners, PTOs, KWO, Lions, land trust, and more all make our community the great place it is. It takes good listening, care, and strong leadership on the Board of Selectmen to support these volunteers, balance competing interests, and maintain our infrastructure. I hope your readers will give Lou and me the opportunity to do just that.

I like people, challenges, and solving problems. I have a graduate degree in ethics and a law degree with a specialization in mediation and contracts. I strive to find common ground and bridge differences. I’ve led complex undertakings, streamlined organizations and procedures, and navigated large bureaucracies. I worked as associate legal counsel to Governor Jodi Rell and in the departments of Energy & Environmental Protection and Transportation under Governor Dannel Malloy. I get things done with good cheer, and I am known for my integrity.

My military family was active in the VFW, community, and church. That upbringing built public service into my core. It has led me to serve on many state and local boards and in community organizations such as the KWO and the KVFC Auxiliary. It has led me to run for office now.

I look forward to meeting your readers around town. Look for me at Andie’s Cookies Café on Friday mornings at 9. And I encourage your readers to vote for us on Nov. 2!

Jamie Mowat Young


Jamie Mowat Young is a Democratic candidate for selectman in the November election.