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08/18/2021 08:00 AM

Happy 40th

Congratulations to Orchard House, an adult medical daycare center, on its 40th anniversary helping families on the shoreline and surrounding towns. In times of what can seem like overwhelming difficulty for families, Orchard House provides a life-changing respite.

Their kind and supportive staff—from the van driver to the director, to the nurses and CNAs and cooks, to the transportation director—the entire staff is welcoming, kind, and highly professional. The support they provide to their clients and their families is priceless. Their clients, those who are ambulatory and those who require wheelchairs or walkers, are provided door-to-door transportation service.

Once at Orchard House, clients are greeted by the staff and partake in morning activities, including exercises and arts and crafts. There are live mini concerts, therapy dogs, and nutritious meals meeting all individual dietary needs. During the COVID lockdown, Orchard House delivered individual activities to each client’s home and continued to stay in contact by phone, calling to check on their clients and their families.

Orchard House can be nothing short of a life saver for its clients. Its programs allow families some much-needed time to take care of day-to-day responsibilities, while providing peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being taken care of in a safe, secure, stimulating, humane, and loving environment.

Linda Pascale

East Haven