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08/18/2021 08:00 AM

A Very Dangerous Spot

I am concerned about a road in Clinton. Due to the bridge closing on Kelseytown Road, more traffic is passing through Ninety Rod Road. There are more heavy trucks going over this road.

I recently followed a large tanker truck carrying water for swimming pools. I am sure it was very heavy. I have lived in the neighborhood for 41 years and have noticed that the street of Ninety Rod Road is sinking between house #5 and #10. Over the years, I have heard that water runs under the road at that point. Many years ago, the road was dug up and repaired in that area. Now, it is sinking again. There is a water drain grate in front of house #5.

I urge the town to examine this spot and repair it before there is a giant sinkhole that swallows a car or truck. I believe it is a very dangerous spot in town, just waiting to collapse.

Charlotte Kundrath