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07/07/2021 08:00 AM

Good Samaritans Save The Day

Unfortunately, on the afternoon of June 18 at 5 p.m. my new-to-me used car broke down at the intersection of Indian Neck Avenue and South Montowese Street. With my daughter and two granddaughters in the car, I was stuck. It wouldn’t start. Amid a great deal of horn blowing, there showed up a wonderful man (with his two dogs) in a pick-up truck offering to push me out of the way. A wonderful couple, local residents, kindly volunteered the use of their driveway as a place where my car might safely wait for a tow. They and a nice lady in a USPS shirt who stopped, pushed my car—still amidst a lot of horn blowing—out of the road. I thanked my two good Samaritans, but they left too quickly for me to get their names. This gracious couple provided my grandchildren, scared by the horn blowing, with chalk to play on their driveway and bubbles to keep them entertained while we waited for the tow truck. They were amazing with their care of my family and I want to thank them and the others who came to my rescue. I will always look for a way I can live up to their example. Thank you.

Laura Missett

North Branford