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06/30/2021 08:00 AM

Progress Then, Progress Now

I’m writing in response to all the residents who are still complaining about the airport expansion. As a resident of the town of East Haven for the past 70, years let me say the airport was here for a very long time before I came along. I grew up on Charter Oak Avenue and now live by the shore so I’m still connected to the airport. Growing up we had 747s coming and going every day of the week. It was progress back then and its progress now.

The complaining residents bought their homes knowing the airport was there, so what did they think, it was going to go away? New Haven and East Haven residents are always complaining about noise and taxes. We need the revenue from the airport, especially in today’s economy, and the noise, well, either get used to it or move. I think expanding the airport is long overdue.

Isn’t it a part of history to have Air Force One set down here??

Ruth Cross Reynolds

East Haven