Friday, May 20, 2022


Now Let’s See

First off, it was nice to learn there maybe progress in fixing the situation regarding the town’s pool. This progress can only be attributed to the work of State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) and State Senator Paul Circarella (R-34), in their push for finding funds that could be used to get the rebuilding of the pool off the ground.

Mayor Joe Carfora may want to take credit, but the thanks should go directly to the two Republicans East Haven sent to Hartford to work on behalf of East Haven. The pool has been shut down for more then a year and set idle with the plans in sight. But, now in an election year progress seems to suddenly appear.

Again, the thanks for this go to the two elected officials for their help in putting together this grant. Now let’s see what happens to the funds.

Sal Maltese
East Haven

Sal Maltese is seeking the Republican mayoral endorsement.