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06/23/2021 08:00 AM

Duty-Bound to Respond

This year I conclude my 18th and final year on the Board of Finance (BOF). Given my experiences on the BOF, I feel duty-bound to respond to the June 3 Sal Maltese letter “Need a Full Commitment.” He questions where the town’s fund balance went. Had he done some basics research, such as call the finance director, the answer to his question would be attainable if he just did a little work and read the past audits. The last two Joseph Maturo administration budgets were a mess, both audited, certified, both with massive deficits: fiscal year 2018-’19 was a $1.2 million deficit; fiscal year 2019-’20 had a $1.8 million deficit, equaling $3 million.

Sal should place blame where it belongs, on Joe Maturo; he was willing to do that when he ran as an independent and as a Democrat.

Mayor Carfora’s current budget (first) is running in the black. Police, Fire, and Public Works departments have been given more tools to do their jobs in the past 18 months from Carfora then the past at least 10 years from the previous administration. For all the years Mr. Maltese served on the BOF, he never voted to give the Board of Education the full amount that its requested. Mayor Carfora shut down the town pool, gym, and ice rink because of the past neglect. Maintenance was not performed under the previous administration. It takes time to find the funds to repair large projects such as the pool and gym.

The mayor is committed to solutions that are cost-effective and will not burden the taxpayers. Funds for the ice rink are in the Capital Appropriations for the upcoming budget year. It was a safety issue for all of the buildings. Mayor Carfora is protecting the citizens of East Haven, and doing the job he was elected to do.

Noreen Clough

East Haven