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06/16/2021 08:00 AM


As a longtime personal and business customer, I was dismayed to learn fthat Liberty Bank is closing its Essex branch in October.

You know the old saw, “We’re closing your branch in order to serve you better!”

Yes, modern technology does automate many banking functions, but for many Essex residents, businesses, and non-profits, a local branch provides numerous services that just aren’t possible online.

I hope Essex residents will join me in urging Liberty Bank to reconsider its decision to close our branch. I believe Liberty Bank owes the Essex community some degree of loyalty in return for the loyal support our community has given it over many years.

While weighing the relative importance of economic efficiency against community customer service, Liberty Bank should not take the deposit base of the relatively affluent Essex community for granted. Liberty Bank noted that this shouldn’t be an issue since there are other branches just a few miles away. While that may be true, Liberty Bank needs to consider the fact that numerous substantial depositors like me can and will take their business elsewhere.

What goes around, comes around.

Roger Kern