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06/09/2021 07:00 AM

Ultimate Courtesy and Good Nature

Now that we are back to normal, we might keep in mind a group of unsung heroes that helped keep North Haven going through the worst of the pandemic and in so doing raised our spirits. They worked quietly, mostly behind the scenes, almost always with a smile on their faces.

I’m talking about the staff members at the North Haven library who, in spite of difficult conditions, kept providing for our needs.

Whereas in normal times, you go into the library, browse, and check out your books, the pandemic gave these librarians extra chores. Readers would order their books, call ahead, and find them packaged and waiting in the lobby—all so efficient, all so much more footwork for these people.

And the library staff did it all with ultimate courtesy and good nature.

What a great resource our library has become with its CDs, DVDs, books, computer access, programs, and more. But it only works because of the people there who are true professionals.

It’s so nice to be able to thank them and let those who might not have used the library during the pandemic know what a great job the staff did keeping it going in spite of its then-reduced hours and restrictions.

Thanks again go to our library, a gem in our North Haven community.

Joy Parise

North Haven