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06/03/2021 12:01 AM

Need a Full Commitment

For some time, people have been asking if I’m going to challenge Mayor Joseph Carfora (D). Other than with some close friends, I’ve remained silent. During the May 17 Republican Town Committee meeting, I made my intentions known. So, to the question asked, yes.

Being on the Town Council and past elected member of the Board of Finance, I can attest that this town is in financial trouble. The contingency fund, aka rainy day fund, has almost been depleted. The fund balance has been drastically reduced. This overspending is reminiscent of the last Democratic administration. So, where did the money go?

East Haven schools need a full commitment by a mayor. Giving them measly hand-out won’t get them back to the high state ranking they once enjoyed. Granted the town has no say in their budget nor how it is spent, but there must be a commitment by the administration to the students to make sure they have the resources needed to reach their full potential. They will have that from me.

As for development, I will never recant on a decision to object to a proposal being pushed if I feel the constituents are against it. Not like Mayor Carfora. He was against Sperry Lane, Strong Street, and the D.C. Moore projects. Now he’s all for them. In January, he publicly promised he had the backs of the residents around Tweed. Then within four months, he changed his mind on some grandiose promises that may never happen.

Police, Fire, and Public Works departments deserve the best to do their tasks. Making sure of that is the job of a mayor and shouldn’t be made a political stance.

By the way, what has Mayor Carfora done about the pool, gym, and ice rink he shut down? Answer: nothing.

Sal MalteseSal Maltese is seeking the Republican party nomination for the November mayoral race.

East Haven