Friday, May 20, 2022


A Little Heads Up

As a homeowner who lives near Tweed, I am appalled to think that Mayor Joseph Carfora approved the expansion of the runway and other proposed work presented by the Airport Authority without at least giving those of us who live near the airport some prior notice of his decision. A little heads up would have been nice.

Just last January he publicly stated he would always have the backs of his constituents as to the airport. Now, out of the blue, after some behind-door meetings, he is all for what Tweed wants. He could have or should have continued to voice his opposition to whatever Tweed wanted. His reasoning of promised jobs that may or may not happen doesn’t cut it. I call that wishful thinking.

Yes, airports will always get what they want. These plans have been in the works for some time. They got the state statute repealed that was supposed to protect us. They found a start-up airline to come in with wonderful promises.

All this was just a waiting game for Tweed. Like the saying goes—let time go by and the smoke will clear.

But what bothers me the most is that Mayor Carfora didn’t have the common courtesy to advise those us most affected by his change of heart and reasons why.

Nope, we got nothing. All we got was a nice photo-op in a newspaper and a story of promises that may or may not come true. Tweed’s track record of making promises that fall short are well established.

Joseph Ruggiero
East Haven