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05/19/2021 08:00 AM

Doesn’t Represent Chester

I’m writing this letter to shed some light in a serious issue affecting our town. I know and understand the wounds of the 2020 presidential election remain largely unhealed. Scrolling through the Town of Chester Facebook page, I was truly disheartened to read some of the comments on a recent post about the Town-Wide Tag Sale [a fundraiser for the Republican Town Committee (RTC)]. This doesn’t represent the town I grew up in, the town where my grandfather served as first selectman for 22 years, a town where he was the first to show up at a victory party for the newly elected first selectman of the opposing party.

This sort of public criticism is why we have difficulty finding individuals to serve on town boards and commissions. It isn’t fair for someone to refrain from volunteering or appearing on an election ballot for fear of being excluded or criticized because of their political party affiliation. Many don’t understand that for a town committee to hold meetings, it must meet minority party representation requirements. This means that all parties must be represented and work together for the better of the town. Many of these boards of commissions have no political agenda.

In full disclosure, I’m currently a registered Republican and a member of the Chester RTC, serve on the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, and chair the Zoning Board of Appeals. I do this because of my love for this town, protecting its natural resources and making it a great place for its residents to call home.

I want to take this as an opportunity to reach out and work together with the RTC, Democratic Town Committee, and Common Ground to ensure all are welcome to participate in local government and we can work together to best serve our town.

Bob Blair