Wednesday, October 27, 2021


This Takes Courage

I just want to express how proud I am of Deja Fleury and Caitlin Turner for taking action against something they felt was an affront to all people of color, the displaying of a confederate flag in a classroom. Equate it to seeing a Nazi flag left hanging on a classroom wall.

Even when met with dismissal, these young women, who had felt the sting of racism while attending Clinton schools, found their voices and raised their concerns. They bravely expressed their feelings over the lack of empathy regarding the racism and discrimination students of color experience in the Clinton school system. To do this takes courage in a predominantly White town. So I say to them, I admire you.

I also want to thank Clinton Superintendent of Schools Maryann O’Donnell for hearing their concerns and learning from their experience. I hope that changes will be made to take the feelings of children of color into account. I hope that the schools will open up and hire teachers of color to bring different viewpoints and experiences to our children and to the town.

Eileen O’Donnell