Wednesday, June 23, 2021


A Great Gift

Thanks go to the Clinton Police Department (CPD) and two terrific nonprofits, Families Helping Families and Ur Community Cares, for creating the Senior Assistance Project. It is a wonderful example of Community Policing.

As people age, seniors from all economic strata often want to remain in their homes, in the town they love, surrounded by long-time friends and conveniences, but over the years this becomes more difficult.

Two years ago the Board of Selectmen, under the leadership of Christine Goupil, began addressing the issue, referred to as “aging in place.” To identify the needs and interests of the town’s seniors, the Board of Selectmen created the Clinton Senior Task Force. The following year, when the Town Council was established, it created the Senior Resources Advisory Committee (SRAC). This December, the SRAC issued its report to the Town Council, recommending the creation of a part-time position of senior services program coordinator. The Town Council approved the position, and funding is included in the proposed 2021-’22 budget.

As all of this was going on in town, Chief of Police Vincent DeMaio was exploring ways the CPD could address Clinton seniors’ needs. He has put together a team that will include the CPD, Clinton Human Services, and a cadre of volunteers. That program will be launched next month. Clinton seniors will have a wonderful resource for addressing difficult everyday tasks that impact their quality of life.

This is a great gift to our town and to our seniors.

Phyllis McGrath