Saturday, January 16, 2021


A Similar Process

The letter to the editor claiming that the town did not know of the seven covenants listed in the deed for the transfer of the land from Constance W. Pignatelli to the Town of Madison is not correct [“Lack of Appreciation,” Nov. 12 letter by Amanda Stiewing]. The town received that information in an email on Dec. 16, 2019. It also received a reference to the Town Meeting of Nov. 22, 1949 at which the electors and voters approved the purchase for the sum of $25,000. The minutes also recorded the complete deed that listed the covenants.

The Island Avenue Committee has conducted a due diligence search for heirs in order to determine their wishes. They may or may not be willing to grant relief of the seven covenants without some form of compensation. The town went through a similar process when seeking relief from three covenants in the deed for Academy Street School. That process was successful at no cost to the town. Please read the minutes of the Island Avenue Committee on the town website to get an accurate portrayal of the progress.

Gus Horvath