Saturday, January 16, 2021


There’s No Wondering

This letter is in support of Joe LaPorta for the 12th District Connecticut State Senate seat. Reading his literature and watching his videos has helped me and many others understand who Joe is and what he represents. He wears his values on his sleeve, so there’s no wondering where he is coming from or what he will do if elected.

Joe is a patriot and he values our freedoms. He will fight for what is best for the towns of the 12th Senate District: Madison, Guilford, Durham, Killingworth, Branford, and North Branford. He doesn’t curry to special interests. The only special interest Joe considers is the 12th District.

Joe doesn’t agree that the police accountability bill was the best the legislature could come up with. It was meant to appease special interests with no regard for the unintended consequences it might have on our local, dedicated police force. I’m fearful that when it goes into effect, no one will want to be a police officer in Connecticut.

Joe will participate in the dialogue and strive to find workable solutions to the problems of Connecticut and the 12th District. I encourage your readers to vote for Joe LaPorta on Nov. 3.

Tom Banisch