Saturday, January 23, 2021


The Hard Work of Many

The Scranton Library Friends’ Used Book Sale was the last book sale to be held at the cottage behind the laundromat on Bradley Road. Due to the coronavirus this sale was held outdoors. Our next sale will be held at the new library in 2021. We will be collecting books on the back porch at the white house behind the library starting in November.

No sale is complete without the hard work of many volunteers. Books were sorted for months, boxed, and then carried out to tables that had been set up the morning of the sale. Monitors and cashiers kept order and a team did a good clean-up job after the sale. Our dedicated team of volunteers, led by Chairman Laurie Gerard, included Kris and William Andrews, Marsha Brunelle, Barbra Buckley, Marta Carbone, Colleen Cummings, Evan DeFrancesco, Joan Filbey, Marianne Frost, Bob Gerard, Caroline Guenther, Vicki Littell, Sandy Long, Matthew Lubanko, Arline Morrissey, Pauline Murphy, Ingrid Oris, Betsey and Harry Piner, Joyce Rourke, Carmela Scialabba, and Jen and Carl Thompson. Many thanks go to these hard workers.

Thanks also go to all those who donated books for the sale and to those who came to buy books.

Our thanks for the use of the cottage go to Jerry Davis and Davis Realty, who provided a place for the book sorting and sales for the past two years. We could not have done this work without their generosity. We also thank Stop & Shop for the donation of bags for our $10 for a bag of books sale.

The Scranton Library Friends book sales raise money for library programs and other library needs. We appreciate the help of everyone who participates in these endeavors.

Joyce Rourke, Volunteer Chairman
Scranton Library Friends