Saturday, January 23, 2021


Sincerely Cares for Seniors

I am a senior who lives in Madison. When the pandemic struck our country, I was terrified of catching this horrible virus and, since I have underlying health problems, I was not sure if I was able to shop for groceries. Our wonderful Senior Center arranged to have a volunteer do my shopping for me and assigned John-Michael Parker to do this chore.

John-Michael shopped for me every other week and never made me feel that he didn’t have the time to do this. In fact, when I finally decided that I was safe enough to shop for myself, he really assured me that he would continue doing this for me as long as I needed him and that I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable calling on him.

John-Michael was efficient and kind and led me to believe that he sincerely cares for the seniors of our town.

I strongly endorse this gentleman who I believe has the qualifications to be our state representative in the 101st District.

Sunny Donovan