Saturday, January 23, 2021


Save Its Money

My husband and I, both in our 70s, have been biking the paved part of Sequassen Road in Fenwick for many years. We love to watch the ospreys building their nests and feeding their young, the red-winged blackbirds perching on the wires, and the monarchs and dragon flies hovering over the marsh.

For the first time, we were stopped two years ago by a man in a golf cart who informed us we were on a private road. He suggested we save our bike rides for September after the summer people had left, which we did. But no more. Thanks to your excellent article about which roads in Fenwick are private and which are not [“Despite Park Manager Controversy, Fenwick to Hire a Constable,” Oct. 8], we plan to continue our rides on the paved portion of the road and enjoy the beauty of Lynde Point Sanctuary, no matter the season.

The Borough of Fenwick can save its money and not hire a constable. All they need to do is move their unfriendly sign to the end of the paved portion of the road where driveways do, in fact, back onto the road.

By the way, we also live on a private road in Old Saybrook. Every day people walk, bike, and drive through our neighborhood, and we welcome them with a wave.

Susan Mountz
Old Saybrook