Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Put Party Politics Aside

As the father of two small children under the age of 3, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of my community, country, and the environment. Like any parent, I want my children to receive a high-quality education, get a good job, and inherit a healthy planet. I want my elected officials to feel as strongly about these issues as I do, which is why on Election Day this year, I will be voting for Christine Cohen (D) to be our state senator in the 12th District. I am voting for Christine because I know that she cares as much about these issues as I do, and she has the record to prove it.

Since she was first elected in 2018, she has proven herself to be an advocate for small businesses in Connecticut, while fulfilling her promise to be the climate champion that Guilford so desperately needs as a vulnerable coastal community. I was especially impressed when she created the Coastal Caucus, a bipartisan group that focuses on the various issues that coastal towns like ours are uniquely affected by. Perhaps most important, she is proud to listen first and to follow the science to make the most informed decisions possible.

As we head into an uncertain winter, her leadership will be invaluable in Hartford as Christine has demonstrated a consistent ability and desire to put party politics aside and reach across the aisle to get results on behalf of her constituents. For these reasons and many more, I encourage all my fellow residents in the 12th District to vote for Christine Cohen on Nov. 3 (or sooner if voting absentee)!

Rob Federici