Tuesday, June 22, 2021


New Ideas and Solutions

We are writing in support of Dave Rubino for state representative in the 23rd District for one main reason: The shoreline, state and country have an unparalleled need for new approaches that will help us be successful.

Yes, we hope the election will address the crises of COVID, health care, and the economy with income disparity and many injustices. However, much will be left to state and local actions requiring new approaches—educating and inspiring the public to cooperate.

Dave Rubino is the leader we seek and need. His life to this point has been focused on innovative solutions and compromises supporting human rights and welfare in difficult places in the world. Dave’s legal background and experience have prepared him to work and legislate in very effective ways. His platform sets priorities on the economy for small businesses, especially increased COVID testing, tracing, and tracking and creating green new jobs to protect our economy and environment.

Dave is the leader we need—new ideas and solutions. We hope your readers will vote for Dave on Nov. 3!

Sara Keaney
Old Saybrook

Eileen Browne