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10/28/2020 07:00 AM

Leadership Is Crucial

With such a polarized national election, I have looked to local politics with greater scrutiny. As a resident of Essex, it would be understandable for me to vote for State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) simply because of his proven leadership. Yes, understandable, but that would not do justice to my reasons for voting for him.

I support Norm Needleman because he has demonstrated an extraordinary depth of knowledge and experience about state and local issues. As a businessman, first selectman, and legislator, he views the Connecticut economy from several perspectives and is in a position to make sound decisions. He calls it “common sense” legislation.

One thing is certain, whatever issue he supports is one that has been considered with meticulous assessment and experience. Whether state finances, infrastructure, the environment, or health and public safety, Senator Needleman is solid in his judgment, and can be trusted with the public good. Most recently, in response to severe storm damage, he held public hearings about the failed emergency response by utilities. As chair of the Energy and Technology Committee in the State Senate, he helped passed legislation to protect consumers from rate hikes and allowed compensation and legal action for extensive outages. The law also imposed penalties on utility companies for these extensive outages.

This kind of leadership is crucial to effective government and public confidence. We have a state senator who is competent, diligent, and has proven experience. With the many issues confronting our state during these troubling times, I encourage your readers to vote for experience and valued leadership in this election by voting for Senator Norm Needleman for re-election.

Kyle Knickerbocker