Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Improving our Community

I’m a high school student who will be voting for the first time this year, and I’m proud to endorse John-Michael Parker for state representative in the 101st District.

When I researched the candidates running in my district, John-Michael’s story stood out to me. He grew up in Madison and attended Daniel Hand High School. After graduating from Yale, he became a teacher and a non-profit leader. In 2018, he returned to Madison to support his hometown. I decided to contact his campaign to ask about volunteer work, and John-Michael responded to me himself.

John-Michael is dedicated to improving our community. He never hesitates to engage with voters, attending both Tuesday-night Zoom calls and official town meetings. He listens to the people of Madison and Durham because he knows that the government needs to represent its citizens.

John-Michael understands the importance of long-term planning. He’ll fight for policies that will safeguard our future in a changing world. He promises to promote clean energy and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare. He values our economy, so he will support the next generation with job-training programs and increase transportation infrastructure funding.

Even if you don’t support either candidate in the presidential election, it is still important to vote in our local races. On Nov. 3, we have an opportunity for our voices to be heard in Hartford. I will vote for John-Michael Parker for state representative with my absentee ballot, and I hope your readers will join me.

Jonathan Hwa