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10/28/2020 07:00 AM

Hope for our Future

I have a numbing sense of helplessness that I am unable to effect any kind of change on the national level. I ask myself, “what can I do?” Vote, of course. This presidential election is the most consequential of my lifetime, but as Tip O’Neill, former Speaker of the House, once said, “all politics are local.” Clearly, it has never been more true that “all politics are local,” which is why our local elections matter. For tangible, on-the-ground change that soothes the soul, I look to my local representative, State representative Christine Palm (D-36). She engenders that kind of change, hands down. She is the candidate who advances the values I choose to live by. She is courageous, hard working, and tenacious and brings those qualities to the state house as my legislator.

During her tenure she has not been afraid to make waves for what she believes in, whether it be healthcare, the environment, public safety, the local economy, or human rights. She is a true champion who works to protect her constituents.

For me, State Representative Palm is the antidote to the grim cynicism that engulfs us on a daily basis. She gives me hope for our future and is a breath of fresh air. I encourage your readers to support Christine Palm for re-election. She works for us!

Anne Skagen