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10/28/2020 07:00 AM

Collaboration and Consensus

Dave Yaccarino has my enthusiastic vote for 99th District state representative. I have known Dave for more than 20 years. We graduated from high school together and both pursued advanced degrees in scientific fields. I earned my Ph.D. in chemistry, and like Dave, I settled into my first home here in East Haven. My wife and I, both teachers, trust his commitment to public education and science-based policies that will keep our family and community safe.

Dave’s scientific background is badly needed in Hartford right now. To the average person, the changing news about COVID-19 may seem frustrating and confusing. The scientific process doesn’t typically play out in the media in near real time as it is right now. Some people in office choose to exploit this uncertainty for their own political goals. However, as scientists, we are trained to sort through information and come to reliable conclusions. I am confident that Dave will use these skills to put public health and safety above politics when it comes to COVID-19.

In a crisis like this pandemic, we need our state leaders to work together. Dave will excel in that respect because science is all about collaboration and consensus. A good scientist is not afraid put his or her new ideas to the test but is also humble enough to acknowledge and accept the ideas of others. A successful lab runs on hard work, flexible thinking, and strong communication. Dave’s years of experience in this setting will be a great asset in Hartford.

Kevin Barry

East Haven