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10/28/2020 07:00 AM

Ahead of the Curve

Some may not know this, but our town has its own long term recovery group. We’re ahead of the curve in our state, where many towns and cities haven’t yet been able to coordinate this type of response team. The North Haven Long Term Recovery Planning Committee (LTPRC) is made up of leaders from government, non-profit, business, and faith-based communities and was created to coordinate efforts to assist those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. LTRPC identifies and prioritizes challenges facing the community’s recovery and helps to advance solutions to address needs. LTRPC is also prepared to organize in the face of other types of disasters.

Recently, our town experienced a tornado that caused damage in several parts of town. The committee formed a relationship with Team Rubicon, a group composed of military and emergency response veterans dedicated to still giving back to their country, to provide assistance to residents with tree and limb removal.

This team found lodging at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange while it assisted North Haven residents and other area towns.

In addition to lodging, volunteer groups require feeding. LTRPC provided food for Team Rubicon with some help. Thanks go to the North Haven Rotary Club members who supplied hot meals, desserts, and fruit. LTPRC gives a very big thank you to Bill Pustari of Modern Apizza. When asked, Bill stepped up, providing his fantastic pies to 35 members of Team Rubicon; his donation is much appreciated.

Our committee will continue to monitor the COVID-19 effects on our town and help where we can. Recently, we offered a survey to town residents to assess the ways COVID-19 has affected our town. We will share these results soon.

We’ll also continue to evolve and grow in order to react to natural and man-made disasters that may affect our residents.

Ron Bathrick, Chair Long Term Recovery Planning Committee

North Haven