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10/28/2020 07:00 AM

About Womens’ Rights

I’m voting for State Senator Norm Needleman (D-33) for re-election. As a woman voting in this election, it has been important for me to understand where the candidates stand on issues. Yes, I’m concerned about how COVID is managed in Connecticut. The health and safety of my family is a huge concern. The cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is also a concern, as is public safety and social justice. I also care about the environment, renewable energy, and how the state will protect consumers from utility rate hikes and extensive outages.

All of these are crucial issues for most voters, and are a good reason to vote for Norm Needleman. As a woman voter, I also have other concerns that are influencing my choices this election. It is clear to me when I consider candidates and the current political climate that Norm Needleman will protect the specific concerns of women. Norm’s record reflects what he calls “common sense” legislation. That is very appealing to me when I consider the alternative. Womens’ rights are protected under current state law. Let’s elect legislators who will work to keep it that way. I encourage your readers to know their candidates and use their votes to reject radical policies that will have a harmful impact on women.

A vote for Needleman is a common sense way to vote, if you care about womens’ rights. As a woman who has done her homework, my vote is for Norm Needleman for re-election.

Patricia Grote Maikowski

Deep River