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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Taking the Initiative

As a member of the Board of Finance, I’ve seen how important it is to East Haven’s budget that we get as much help as we can from Hartford. If we don’t have a legislator fighting for a state budget with strong municipal aid, that means less help going to our roads being fixed, our infrastructure repaired, and our services improved. East Haven needs a representative that will fight for the revenue and investment needed to get us back on track after COVID-19. I believe that person is Dave Yaccarino.

I’m impressed by Dave’s commitment to close loopholes that let billionaires pay lower taxes in Connecticut. Many of the wealthiest people make their money through the stock market. Unfortunately, this type of income is taxed at a much lower rate than what the average East Haven residents pay on their hard-earned paycheck. The middle-class have been carrying this tax burden in Connecticut for too long. Having Dave up in Hartford means we’ll finally have someone who understands the problem and will fight against it.

I’m also really glad to see Dave taking the initiative to address the need for affordable childcare, which affects so many in East Haven. Some pay as much as their monthly mortgage for daycare! The State of Georgia has had a universal pre-K system since 1992 that enjoys popular, bipartisan support. A change like this would attract more families to Connecticut and would expand our tax base, resulting in lower expenses for working families.

A strong state budget, lowering the middle-class tax burden, and relieving childcare costs will put more money in the wallets of East Haven families. That is how we will get our local economy back on track. And that’s why on this Nov. 3, I’ll be voting Dave Yaccarino for state representative.

Noreen Clough

East Haven