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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Inside the Room

In November, North Haven voters will elect a state representative to serve them in Hartford for the next two years. I support Kathy Grant, and encourage everyone in North Haven to vote for her.

As a parent, professional, and advocate, Kathy understands and will focus on getting results on the issues that matter most to us: quality education for our kids, quality health care for our families, and ensuring that everyone pays their fair share. As a member of the majority, she also will play a key role in the decisions that affect us, and be inside the room when those decisions get made. She’s smart, asks tough questions, and works hard—just what we need in a state representative.

Having served as North Haven’s state representative for 14 years, I know that Kathy will fight for us in Hartford. I therefore encourage every North Haven voter to join me in voting for Kathy Grant for state representative.

Steve Fontana

North Haven