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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Goes Above and Beyond

I support State Senator Norm Needleman (D) for re-election to the 33rd District. He has served as an outstanding first selectman in Essex and is now using his extensive experience to benefit all the residents of Connecticut. He has proven himself as an effective legislator who is not afraid to tackle the challenging issues affecting our state.

I applaud him for his management of the COVID pandemic, his support of legislation that phases out state taxes on social security for seniors, and his informed energy policies. As chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, he has promoted a green economy with bipartisan support. It is forward-thinking and intended to create jobs and protect our environment.

Most recently, Senator Needleman took on the utility companies. He held public hearings on their failed emergency response to Tropical Storm Isaias and prolonged outages that resulted in losses to consumers. He can also be credited with new legislation, Take Back the Grid Act. This legislation imposes penalties on Eversource and other utility companies, for extensive outages, places controls on rate hikes for consumers, and permits rate-payers to secure compensation for damages. We need performance-based regulations of the utilities, and I feel confident that Senator Needleman is making sure that this is done.

Senator Needleman fights for consumers and has proven to constituents that he deserves re-election. You simply need to look at his legislative record to know this is true. I can testify personally to Norm’s dedication to his work and his constituents: I messaged him a question on a summer Saturday afternoon and enjoyed an immediate exchange with him—on his iPhone. He goes above and beyond to serve us all. I encourage your readers to re-elect Norm Needleman to the State Senate.

Nan Meneely