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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Genuine and Compassionate Disposition

Having known State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-87) for more than 25 years, I’m compelled to write this letter in his support. I have witnessed Dave consistently helping anyone who reaches out to him. He has always displayed a genuine and compassionate disposition, while relentlessly assisting others. My wife and I have raised our boys to value those same characteristics.

When my son Brendan came to my wife and me stating that he wanted to become a police officer, we were not surprised. We were truly proud when he was sworn in as a Town of Berlin Police Officer on Aug. 31. However, with the public turmoil we see daily and how police are being perceived and treated, we have great concern for his wellbeing.

I believe that Dave’s vote against the police accountability bill was correct. Something this important should not have been rushed through the legislature. The new law eliminates police qualified immunity, and prohibits an officer from requesting a vehicle search during a justified traffic stop.

I do agree with parts of the police accountability legislation. We live in a constantly changing world, and like all of us, police officers must adapt. Law enforcement needs to keep up with the latest programs and training, a key part of the accountability law.

I thank Dave for having the courage to vote against the negative aspects of the police accountability bill. As passed, the flaws in this legislation hit close to home for me and my family. I know that Dave cast his vote on what he thought was best for the people of North Haven and our state.

Dave continues to earn my vote, so on Nov. 3, I will be voting for Dave Yaccarino.

Donald Clark

North Haven