Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Dedicated, Accessible, Caring

It is an honor for me to support Bob Siegrist as our next 36th District state representative serving the towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam. His roots run deep in our district, where he has been a long-time resident of Haddam and has worked in our area towns.

As our state representative from 2016 to 2018, Bob was a dedicated, accessible, caring legislator and had a 100 percent voting record. As the town treasurer of Deep River in 2017, I witnessed this firsthand amidst the state budget crisis. Bob fought hard in securing the additional $500,000 that was needed to complete the 18-unit addition at Kirtland Commons, Deep River’s affordable elderly housing project. Bob worked closely with Joanne Hourigan, director of Kirtland Commons, hitting numerous roadblocks but sticking with this project until the additional funds were secured and the project was completed. Bob was always available when needed and he demonstrated professionalism, yet did not back down when faced with bureaucracy. I thank Siegrist for his efforts in securing the funds to make this addition a reality.

As a local resident, Bob shares many of the values we share. Our concerns are his concerns. He has a clear understanding of how difficult it can be to live on a limited income and how working families struggle financially through no fault of their own. Bob sees the need for affordable housing, for seniors, disabled individuals, and those growing up in our community who can no longer afford to stay here.

If your readers have not met Bob, I encourage them to do so before the election. He will focus on issues impacting the towns of the 36th District. Bob Siegrist is a caring, experienced legislator who listens. On Nov. 3, let’s bring Bob back.

Tom Lindner
Deep River