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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Decency, Compassion, and Integrity

I am pleased to offer my support and endorsement for Dave Yaccarino (R-87) for our state representative here in North Haven.

Twenty-five years ago, I walked into DJ’s Card and Comic book store in North Haven and met a man who I connected with immediately and that man was David Yaccarino. I saw clearly back then how well he worked with people and how pleasant, how kind he was and how he treated everyone so professionally.

As we became fast friends all those years ago, little did I realize that I would have the honor to serve with Dave 15 years later with him as our state representative. I speak with Dave at least five times per week and I still can see very clearly how much he cares about all of our residents here in North Haven and how well he serves our citizens. His honesty, his decency, his compassion, and his integrity have always been at an impeccable levels.

I know firsthand that this fine man personally helps so many different people and how humble he is about his accomplishments. During the many times that I have been in Hartford, I have also seen firsthand the respect that Dave has among both Republicans and Democrats and how he always works so well across party lines and is so effective at getting things done that benefit our residents.

Not only has Dave been a wonderful asset for the town of North Haven, but Dave has been a wonderful asset for me as your first selectman. The communication, the collaboration, and the comradery between us is unparalleled between local and state government officials.

It is my honor to endorse and support Dave Yaccarino to continue to serve North Haven as our state representative.

First Selectman Michael Freda (R)

North Haven