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10/21/2020 08:00 AM

Cares About Us

As a senior, I am increasingly concerned when I hear threats to end social security or coverage for pre-existing conditions. These policies were enacted to protect our healthcare and to ensure our financial security. This election, I’m voting for Christine Palm (D) for re-election to the 36th District. I am convinced, when I read about all of her health initiatives, that she will protect health policies in Connecticut, and continue to work for us. Representative Palm has shown us in so many ways that she cares about our wellbeing.

She has worked to assist our residents during the COVID pandemic, is fighting to extend telehealth coverage beyond the pandemic, supported the bill to place price caps on the cost of insulin, and insisted that homecare services be covered by insurance. Coverage for homecare services is vital to homebound residents who have limited income and who live alone. It allows their healthcare to be monitored and reduces their isolation.

Representative Palm is a great advocate for all of us, but as a senior, I am especially happy to have her in my court. In these times of uncertainty, it is good to know that we have a state rep who cares about us.

Marilyn Guffey

Deep River